Magazine Editor-in-Chief: Alice Boyle

Creative Director: Caroline Bellamy

Varsity Editor-in-Chief: Sarah Artemia Kronenfeld

Managing Online Editor: Mekhi Quarshie

Managing Editor, External: Andrea Zhao

Managing Editor, Internal: Shernise Mohammed-Ali

Senior Copy Editor: Ajeetha Vithiyananthan

Deputy Senior Copy Editor: Kyla Cassandra Cortez

Design Editors: Arthur Dennyson Hamdani & Kaisa Kasekamp

Illustration Editor: Jessica Lam

Photo Editor: Zeynep Poyanli

Magazine Assistants: Sophie Ramsey & Kyleeanne Wood

Associate Senior Copy Editors: Ozair Chaudhry, Isabella Reny, Lina Tupak-Karim

Associate Design Editor: Nicolas Albornoz, Catherine Doan

Cover Art: Jessica Lam

Endpaper Art: Arthur Dennyson Hamdani & Kaisa Kasekamp

Letters from the editors photography: Zeynep Poyanli

Copy Editors: Mehek Berry, Daniela Cernaz, Alia Eiras, Athen Go, Darya Kartalaei, Cindy Liang, Suchir Madhira, Theo O'Connell, Leah Pivato, Susan Sarwari, Margad Sukhbaatar, Medha Surajpal, Madison Truong, Nina Uzunovic, Quin Xie, Despina Zakynthinou

Additional editing by: Caitlin Adams

Website design by: Aaron Hong (front-page), Andrew Hong (articles) & Caroline Bellamy

Special thanks to: Kaisa’s sunset lamp, Kiki’s Delivery Service for helping Alice through the throes of burnout, bonfires for helping Alice think of a theme, to Kaisa and Arthur for being so amazing at your jobs, to Sophie and Kyleeanne for keeping mag going even when Alice was hit with multiple plagues, The Varsity for helping us realize what we love to do

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